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New School

New School Posted by on Sep 30, 2013

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Wittlebee Box #8 – Lots of Trish S...

Wittlebee Box #8 – Lots of Trish Scully Child! Posted by on Mar 7, 2013

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Andy Harkness Book Signing at B&N

Andy Harkness Book Signing at B&N Posted by on Jun 4, 2016

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Happy 16 Months!

Happy 16 Months! Posted by on Mar 16, 2013

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It’s My First Mother’s Day!

It’s My First Mother’s Day! Posted by on May 13, 2012

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Andy Harkness Book Signing at B&N

Jun 04, 16 Andy Harkness Book Signing at B&N

Posted by in Events, Photos

Andy Harkness is an art director for the Walt Disney Animation Studios, currently working on Moana. Long before his dream of working at Disney, he also dreamed about catching bugs. With that passion, he also wanted to write a book that kids would love. His dream came true last year when he came out with his own book called, Bug...

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Claire Keane’s Art Show

Jun 04, 16 Claire Keane’s Art Show

Posted by in Events, Photos

Claire Keane is known for her work as a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. You may recognize her work in Disney’s Tangled and Frozen! My daughter and I love her! She is sweet and quite talented. Her style of artwork is just beautiful and amazing. So when we heard she was having an art show last...

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Festival of Books 2016

Apr 03, 16 Festival of Books 2016

Posted by in Events

One of the events my daughter and I look forward to this year is the Festival of Books. We both went to our first one last year and absolutely loved it! There were just so many events happening all around the USC campus that weekend. Some of our favorite highlights were meeting Claire Keene and watching Aarti Sequeira cook for us,...

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Baby #2 Announcement

Feb 04, 16 Baby #2 Announcement

Posted by in Baby #2

Katie made a wish, and it came true. Mommy’s due with Baby #2! We are all so happy and excited to announce that our family is growing by two little feet!

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Meeting iJustine!

Jun 13, 15 Meeting iJustine!

Posted by in Events, Photos

My daughter and I were super excited when we found out that the last stop of iJustine’s book tour was in LA! We got to Barnes and Nobel around noon and hung out in the children’s book section for a while. My daughter loves books so you can only imagine how happy she was in this amazing playground. I got in line early and...

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#MinnieStyle at Disneyland

Apr 25, 15 #MinnieStyle at Disneyland

Posted by in Events, Family Affair, Photos

We were back at Disneyland again! Yesterday was the first Friday where our annual passes were not blocked. We worked half-day and picked up the little one just before nap time. She did pretty well not having a nap all day but finally fell asleep after the excitement was over. Our goal was to have a lot of character experiences since...

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My First Impressions of Disney Park’s Frozen Fun

Jan 17, 15 My First Impressions of Disney Park’s Frozen Fun

Posted by in Events, Photos

My first impression of a Frozen Fun-Filled night at Disney California Adventure on a Friday night!

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Helping a Friend During a Fire Drill

My husband co-workers sent me this message. It just made my day! So happy to hear she’s helping out her younger friends out! We were there this morning for the fire drill (9:50am). When the teachers told the kids to find a friend and grab hands, Katie picked Lucy (she is transitioning from Infants), and walked with her all the...

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The Hungry Caterpillar Artwork

Feb 04, 14 The Hungry Caterpillar Artwork

Posted by in Arts and Crafts

[The Hungry Caterpillar Artwork by CoderBaby – 26 and a half months] I really enjoy seeing all the arts and crafts that my daughter create at school. I love it even more when I get to take them home. Now that I have my craft room all set up, I decided to start giving her more projects to do to foster her creativity. One of...

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Making a Race Car

Feb 02, 14 Making a Race Car

Posted by in Events, Photos

I recently learned about the Free Kid Workshops that Home Depot had I couldn’t have been more excited about going to Home Depot! I was looking forward to this event all week. These FREE Kid Workshops are held on the first Saturday of each month. This weekend, my daughter and I built a race car from two blocks of wood, some...

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Sprout Organic Foods Gooble and Grow Giveaway!

Nov 11, 13 Sprout Organic Foods Gooble and Grow Giveaway!

Posted by in Giveaways

It’s my daughter’s birthday month and we’re giving away some yummy treats to celebrate! I teamed up with Sprout Organic Foods to bring your child some healthy treats. Want to win some? Keep reading! If you have a child, you know they love to eat and explore new types of food. Sometimes finding healthy choices may...

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New School

Sep 30, 13 New School

Posted by in Baby Photos, Events

Adjusting to new things isn’t easy. But I’m proud that my daughter is doing just fine at her first day at a new school. We changed her school to be closer to our workplace. We loved her previous school, especially her teachers, but it was easier for all of us to go in one direction together and come home together as...

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Spending Labor Day Together!

Hello darling, we didn’t exactly have big plans for our Labor Day together, but we had to get out of the house due to the heatwave happening in Southern California for the past week. We decided to spend it in Old Town Pasadena for a bit. To cool off, we stopped by Cool Haus for some ice cream. You LOVED it! You couldn’t...

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Aug 26, 13 Choo-choo!

Posted by in Baby Photos, Photos

One of Coderbaby’s latest favorite things are trains! She was so happy to see this one in the mall.

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Looking out the Window

Aug 25, 13 Looking out the Window

Posted by in Baby Photos, Photos

Captured this moment of CoderBaby looking out the window of one of the houses we looked at. She gets really excited exploring all of these new homes. We’re still in the the search of finding the perfect home for our family.

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First Pony Ride!

Aug 23, 13 First Pony Ride!

Posted by in Baby Photos, Photos

Tonight, we finally got to go to the Monrovia Farmer’s Market. It’s a weekly night market that happens close by to where we’re staying. We’ve been trying to go, but it’s always so crowded. Luckily, we found parking tonight! There was so much great food. We loved Jake’s Roadhouse and all the...

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