Week 4 – Yes! Confirmed!

Apr 08, 11 HPT - YES!

So today was the big day. Mommy had a feeling you were in there, but she wanted to be sure. And sure enough, the digital HPT confirmed it! Mommy and daddy are ecstatic!

Today’s our last day in Vancouver, and we’re heading back to Seattle soon. We wanted to see the rest of Vancouver, so Mommy and Daddy went walking around at the Lynn Canyon Ecology Center today and boy did you get a lot of exercise! I was tired, but it was very hard to wipe the smile off of my face, especially knowing that you’re in there!

To get plenty of exercise, we walked all over the place afterward. We stopped by the Farmer’s Market and Stanley Park. Lovely places! We’ll have to take you there someday.

Edited: After visiting the Doctor on 5/13, looks like you were just on Week 4 today! Perfect timing to take the HPT test huh? :)

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