Grandpa Says hello

Hey there little baby, Mommy just told Grandpa (my dad) about you and he’s super excited and happy! He said he can’t wait to meet you. Well, neither can I. See you in December!

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Eggs for Second Breakfast!

May 31, 11 Eggs for Second Breakfast!

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Daddy woke up early this morning and made your current favorite.. over-hard eggs. Mommy packed slices of bread the night before, so for second breakfast, you got a egg sandwich....

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Week 11

Happy Week 11 baby! Mommy’s been busy cleaning the house and making sure it’s baby-proof. The living room finally has enough space for your playyard and toys! This week’s cravings? You seem to love grapes, apples, and over-hard eggs!

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Week 10 – Mommy & Daddy’s Anniversary

Baby, you’re 10 weeks today! And it happens to fall on Mommy & Daddy’s 5 Year Wedding Anniversary.

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Baby Class

Mommy and Daddy took a class today to learn more about you. Mommy was most interested in what she should be eating. Looks like no more cups and cups of fruit juices for you. There seems to be too much sugars in those. So you’ll get fresh apples and grapes instead.

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Week 9 – Second Dr. Appointment

Mommy has been worried about you lately. Finally having our first appointment to see the doctor. He’s a very nice and friendly man. And best of all, he gave mommy such wonderful news. You’re strong and healthy and mommy got to hear your loud heartbeat for the first time! The doctor even gave mommy printouts of your first...

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Google HQ Tour

May 12, 11 Google HQ Tour

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Today is probably one of mommy’s most geekiest experience! We’re going on a Google HQ tour! A friend is taking us around campus and we can’t wait for our little coder baby to work here. heh There’s plenty of food EVERYWHERE. But even with so many choices, it was hard to pick out a few things for you to eat....

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Second Day at the Conference

Google I/O Day 2 was a much lighter day. The conference ended at 5pm, so you’ll get some rest soon. Mommy and daddy are going to have dinner with some college friends later tonight.

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You’re at Google I/O!

So baby, you’re at Google I/O Day 1 today. Mommy has been a little bit tired all day. But she’s been keeping up with the snacks. Too bad the food they feed these developers aren’t the healthiest! Mommy managed to avoid all the junk food here and went for the apples and bananas during the afternoon break instead....

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Fly Baby, Fly

Baby, you’re on your first flight in mommy’s tummy. Daddy and I are attending a conference in SF — it’s just an hour flight, but hold on! There’s plenty of snacks in mommy’s purse (and suitcase) for you! The only non-fun part is passing through security.

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Week 8 – Hungry Little One

Hello little one! You’re 8 weeks old today, and you don’t look like a baby frog anymore. Mommy can’t wait to meet you! You were a bit hungry tonight, so mommy woke up in the middle of the night with a pack of crackers and some water. Don’t worry, you’ll get some cereal and vitamins in the morning. Mommy...

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First Appointment

Today is mommy’s first visit to the new hospital. Mommy didn’t see a doctor today, but will be talking to a nurse about what’s to be expected in the next few months. Mommy has some worries and concerns, but the nurse assured her things will be ok. Mommy’s going to take it easy until she sees the doctor in the...

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