Google HQ Tour

Today is probably one of mommy’s most geekiest experience! We’re going on a Google HQ tour! A friend is taking us around campus and we can’t wait for our little coder baby to work here. heh There’s plenty of food EVERYWHERE. But even with so many choices, it was hard to pick out a few things for you to eat. Mommy tried salad and the Asian buffet bar. Well, turns out you love noodles and cooked veggies over the raw stuff.

Mommy and Daddy stopped by the Google Store and got you a small present. Hope you like it! Aww, for our little coder baby.

We’re flying home tonight. It’s been such a tiring, yet absolutely amazing and fun week. Out flight is late, but we’re lucky enough to get two seats on the earlier flight!

Mommy ran out of vitamins today. So on our drive home, Daddy stopped by CVS in the middle of the night and got you a big pack. Should be plenty for more than a month! He wants you to be happy, healthy, and strong!

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