Belly Full of Laughs!

Baby, I finally fully understand what the saying “Belly full of laughs” means now. All I have to do is walk around. My tummy now bounces around a lot and with every step, I feel like you’re tickling me from the inside out! It’s such a funny feeling and I know you’re teasing me in there! You just wait unt

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Riverside Photoshoot

Jun 25, 11 Riverside Photoshoot

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Hello honey! Daddy and I told your Auntie S & Uncle J about you and they are thrilled! The four of us went back to our alma mater (well, Daddy and I work there, so it wasn’t that far for us..) to take photos and remember the time we all went to school there. It brought back lots of memories since we spent so much time...

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Week 15 – Tummy Photos

Jun 24, 11 Week 15 – Tummy Photos

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You’re as big as an orange today but I feel like I’m carrying a mini watermelon. hehe Or maybe it was just the big meal I had for dinner. Love you dear, keep growing strong! Tomorrow’s a busy day! Daddy and I are doing an Engagement photo session for our friends. We’ll sneak in some photos of you too. 😉

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Week 15 – My Little Orange!

Jun 24, 11 Week 15 – My Little Orange!

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Wow, you’re growing so fast little one. I can feel you getting bigger this week. Well, I can see it too. haha I’ve been very, very tired this week, so I’m trying to sleep whenever I can — usually right after work, or when Daddy makes Mommy go exercise (shopping)! Stay strong little one. I’ll try to...

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Are you swimming in there?

Hey baby, ever since Daddy heard your heartbeat and movements, he keeps on wanting to hear it again! I do too! He puts his ear on my tummy, and he says he can hears lots of water moving around. lol Are you swimming in there Now we’re just anxiously waiting for the next doctor visits to see and hear you again. In the...

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Dr. Visit and All Good News

Oh baby! Daddy and I just left the doctor’s office and its all around good news! I didn’t hear any thing about my blood test which means everything came out normal. The doctor found a growth the last time that he wanted to remove, but it seems to be gone. And you are super healthy with a strong heartbeat! You’re...

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While Daddy Sleeps..

While daddy sleeps, Mommy just finished washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and fridge, folding and hanging up the clothes, straighten the house, update my iPhone (and this takes a while to do!), and surf on the web for a few hours. lol I wonder how different it will be next year when it’s his first Father’s day....

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Auntie’s Graduation

Jun 18, 11 Auntie’s Graduation

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Your Auntie just got her MBA today! We’re all so proud of her! Here’s a fun photo of your aunts and uncles, my beloved sisters and brothers. Related Products:

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Week 14 – Tummy Photos

Jun 17, 11 Week 14 – Tummy Photos

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Hello baby! You’re the size of a lemon today. How do you feel? You’re getting a little bigger! I bet you’re smiling back at me right now. So your favorite foods this week are watermelons, cantaloupes, mashed potatoes, and French Fries (shh!) I can’t help it. Daddy just temps me. I’ll try to eat more...

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Week 14: My Little Lemon

Jun 17, 11 Week 14: My Little Lemon

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Hello there my little Lemon. Yup, that’s the size you’re at Week 14, and you’re growing strong! Lemons are so sour and I already know you don’t like sour things.. or spicy, or saucy either! This month has been quite busy for Mommy and Daddy but a day doesn’t go by without us thinking of you! We’re...

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Child Daycare

Daddy and I are already looking into Daycare for you. We’ll be putting you on the waiting list next week after the next doctor appointment. The Child Development Center is tough to get into, so you’ll probably start school around Year 1. It’s a really nice facility that’s less than a mile from my workplace....

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Heart Rate Monitor

Jun 16, 11 Heart Rate Monitor

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Daddy just told me he bought this Timex Heart Rate Monitor Watch for us. It’s arriving tomorrow! woah, fast! Looks like we’ll be working out a lot more starting this weekend....

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Working Out

Hey baby, you can be proud of Mommy! We just did our first work out today. I wanted to wait a bit until you were further along before I started exercising. I found these awesome prenatal exercise videos from Doctor Cathy, and wanted to try then out. Here’s the workout I did! Except I did them with the addition of 2lbs....

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Co-worker’s Baby Shower

I went to a coworker’s baby shower today and her little boy was so sweet and adorable! Everytime I glanced at him, I thought of you. Can’t wait to see you in a few months baby! And I’m pretty sure I know who the great party planners at work are.. lol

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Uncle’s Graduation

Jun 13, 11 Uncle’s Graduation

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Hey little one! Your Uncle H just graduated with his Masters in Computer Science! You’ll get to build a robot or do something super nerdy with him one day. hehe Hope you didn’t mind the sun too much. It was kinda hot during the ceremony. I kept eating grapes to keep you refreshed though!

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Start Spreading the News

Jun 11, 11 Start Spreading the News

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Mommy had a great time at a friend’s bridal shower today. I’ve never been to one that was so fancy and exquisite! The decorations and delicious foods were so amazing. I loved every minute of it. All the girls had so much fun, and looked so lovely in their dresses! I hope you enjoyed all the great food at the party. I did...

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