Mommy’s Daily Diet

Hey baby! Are you curious as to what I eat everyday? Of course you are. lol Here’s my latest routine so far. It varies a bit depending on how much groceries we have available.

4 or 5am – Bowl of Multigrain Cherrios with a cup of soy milk

9am – Egg sandwhich with wheat bread

10am – a serving or two of grapes

11am – an apple or banana, and some mixed nuts

12pm – I usually go out for lunch. And lunch usually consists of chicken or beef of some sorts.

2pm – Finish my grapes, or some other fruit.

4pm – Cherry Yogurt

6pm or 7pm – Dinner, daddy usually cooks something with veggies and chicken, beef, or tofu. Or we go out for dinner. Or if I’m lucky, Daddy will make a berry smoothie before dinner. That’s another serving of fruits and calcium for you!

9pm – some sort of snack or maybe dessert that has fruit in it.

And in between all those times, I’m drinking water or 1 cup of a fruit juice.

I use to love mushrooms and eating pasta with tomatoes, but you don’t seem to like either of those. Nor do you like the taste or smell of garlic and onions. So I’ve been avoiding those these past months. Pickles are ok, but you’re not that thrilled with them. And anything that’s too salty… I avoid too!

Your favorite foods are still fruits. They taste as good as always. Tomatoes sometimes tastes like metal to me!

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