While Daddy Sleeps..

While daddy sleeps, Mommy just finished washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and fridge, folding and hanging up the clothes, straighten the house, update my iPhone (and this takes a while to do!), and surf on the web for a few hours. lol I wonder how different it will be next year when it’s his first Father’s day. 😉 I think it should be his day to change the diapers while mommy does the above. haha

Daddy and Mommy had dinner tonight with your Grandma, Grandpa, and uncle. It’s to celebrate Grandma’s birthday and Father’s Day. We went out for Korean food… I hope the food wasn’t too spicy for you! I did try to hold back, even though I love kim chi and all the spicy side dishes. I scraped all the peppers on the cucumbers, was that ok? :)

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  1. Daddy /

    Daddy slept well lol! I cleaned the kitchen trash today and moved the basketball hoop to the side of the yard. Daddy almost passed out since the smell of the trash was extra stinky.

    • Mommy-to-Be /

      lol, just imagine how lovely the diapers are going to smell. Looks like you fit the job. LOL

      • Daddy /

        I’m going to buy the high tech trashcan that keeps odors in. I hope the bags won’t leak like the rotten bananas did.

        • Mommy-to-Be /

          lol, smelly bananas! I don’t think I’ll be eating bananas for a while… need to find a new fruit. I think cantaloupe is the baby’s favorite at the moment.

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