Dr. Visit and All Good News

Oh baby! Daddy and I just left the doctor’s office and its all around good news!

  • I didn’t hear any thing about my blood test which means everything came out normal.
  • The doctor found a growth the last time that he wanted to remove, but it seems to be gone.
  • And you are super healthy with a strong heartbeat!

You’re big enough that the doctor can hear your heartbeat right from my belly! Daddy heard your heartbeat for the first time! And the doctor says you sound very healthy. There were some funny sounds coming out and the doctor said that’s just you moving around. Wow! Daddy’s going to put the sound recording up later. It was very exciting news to us. There were no photos this time, but we’ll “see” you soon next month. :) There should be plenty of pictures then, especially when we find out if you’re a boy or girl.

I really love our doctor. He’s taking very good care of us and is quite knowledgeable. Daddy and I threw many questions at him today and he was quick to answer all of them. :)

I didn’t have time this morning to make an egg sandwich and cereal for breakfast, but we did stop by McD’s (I know, I know, but they have healthy stuff now) and got you an egg McMuffin and Fruit Oatmeal. They were good. :)

Note to self: Dr. said to keep at 140-150bpm when exercising.

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