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Jun 03, 11 Mommy Dress

Mommy had quite a lot of fun tonight. I don’t usually go shopping for clothes too often, so each time, it’s pretty exciting. And this time, it’s more special because I’m keeping you in mind for clothes!

First I stopped off at Express and found some nice flowy blouses that should leave plenty of room for you. There were lots of sales and I had a coupon on top of that. 😉 I can’t wait for you to be Mommy’s Lil Coupon holder when I go grocery shopping! haha

Then Mommy finally stopped by Motherhood Maternity for the first time. It was so much fun! They had a lot of dresses and leaves lots of room for you to grow into. I ended up getting the dress (that I’ve been looking at for the past week online) and a cute blouse. Daddy caught Mommy in this candid shot, trying on the dress! That’s a fake bumpie in the photo, but you’ll soon be that big in a month or two. :)

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  1. Darlin’ you are GLOWING!!! GO MOMMY!

    • Mommy-to-Be /

      hehe, thanks J! It’s a funny lumpy bumpie, but I should be showing my real bump very soon. :)

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