Mommy’s Health Day

Today’s is Mommy’s health day. Went to the dentist this afternoon for a cleaning. And my hygenist said everything looks great. I had to tell her about you too. She’s excited to meet you at my next appointment. lol

A funny thing happened while I was there. The financial lady pulled me over to talk to me first because she was leaving soon. And she said, so you’re hear for your crown and filling? And I looked at her frighten because I was only expecting a cleaning! I didn’t think my teeth got that bad in 6 months. haha Then she got embarassed and said, oh, you’re not Cindy are you? Nope! And thank goodness. lol

After the dentist, I went to the hospital to give more blood samples. Yay? It’s for your screening. Everytime they take blood from me, I just get so exhausted. The first vile had no suction, so they had to stick another one in. Ouch!

After that, I went home and slept for hours. So you should be all rest up. 😉

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