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Mommy had a great time at a friend’s bridal shower today. I’ve never been to one that was so fancy and exquisite! The decorations and delicious foods were so amazing. I loved every minute of it. All the girls had so much fun, and looked so lovely in their dresses!

I hope you enjoyed all the great food at the party. I did avoid all the fish dishes.. they looked so good, but wouldn’t be great for you. I think you enjoyed that guava pastry too much though.. I’m pretty sure you asked for another one! haha

After the party, Mommy and Daddy told Auntie L and Uncle Q about you. They’re our very good friends and are so happy to hear about you! They can’t wait to meet you and they love you so much! Auntie L is already starting to plan a party for you. heh

Here’s a trivia tidbit: 6 years ago today, Daddy proposed to Mommy. 😉

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  1. Lena /

    Auntie L IS very excited & can’t wait to meet you either. :) and loves you very much already.

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