Oh Baby! You got a new Crib!

I’m so happy! The crib is all set up in the nursery and I just can’t stop smiling. It’s another reminder that this is really happening.. we’re really having a baby!

Now that I’m on bedrest, I’m depending on Albert a lot to make purchases for our lil one. It’s not too bad though since I trust his instincts. We do kinda shop together though, digitally! He’ll go to the store and snap a photo, and then SMS or email it to me. And if we both agree it’s what we want, he’ll buy it.

We already knew we wanted a convertible crib so we can change it up as our little one grows. It’s just sounds economical right? We already have a full size bed in the nursery (so one of us can sleep in), and in the future, we can just use the crib parts as the headboard and end for that bed.

We went crib shopping the other week and liked the Baby Cache Oxford Lifetime Crib. The only thing that really bugged me were the edges of the front rail. I just knew I’d hit my elbow on it or something. Also the conversion kits were not included in that expensive price.

Albert went browsing at Costco on Thursday and he saw this
Timber Creek Convertible Crib. Snapped a photo and sent it to me. I asked him all sorts of questions and we decided to purchase it over the weekend.

Albert went with his dad to go pick it up and my in-laws got the crib for us as a gift! THANK YOU! Baby greatly appreciates it too. :)

Once they came home, I was waiting in the nursery to watch them assemble it. I waited, and waited, and was starting to wonder what they were doing. I was under the impression that they’d assemble it in the room. Instead, they decided to assemble it in the garage and then bring it in. That sounds like trouble already. lol

So they bring in this lovely crib through the narrow hallway and try to put it in the nursery. Apparently the crib is much bigger than the doorway. LOL I was so amused and laughing so much. I know this is something this father-and-son team would do, but I really needed this! So for the next half hour, I watched them try to put a square peg into a circle hole. heh They ended up removing one side of the crib and the entire door to fit it through. The whole scene was just so funny. But once the crib was in, I couldn’t stop smiling. It’s just so beautiful.

Albert also bought a matching dresser/changing station. The room is slowly coming together and I really can’t stop smiling. :)

The crib is wonderful too. Very sturdy, and comes with ALL of the conversion kits (unlike most sets). It’s a great value! It’s like getting $800+ worth of crib for $500. The only things you need to purchase separately is the mattress and bedding set, and you want to do that on your own anyhow. It may also be only available at Costco too.

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