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Jul 02, 11 Family 2011

Hey sweetie! Daddy made the big announcement about you to his family today! We had a big family reunion lunch, 18 family members, to celebrate your Great Grandpa and uncle’s birthdays. After lunch, daddy called everyone’s attention and said that you’ll be arriving later this year. He did such a great job that I was very happy and excited as well! lol And you also tapped me from all the excitement too.. or was it just because of the yummy udon I ate? :)

And you know what’s funny? Daddy was so excited and happy to finally give out the news, he forgot to hit “record” on the camera for the video! But just take our word that everyone can’t wait to meet you. You’re the first great-child on both sides of the family. :)

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  1. @G-URoy and @G-ADee /

    Hi CoderBaby2B!
    We were so excited when your Mom & Dad announced that you will soon be a new addition to our clan! Your Mom made such adorable announcement cards–it brought a tear to my eye. Next year you will be a part of the family photo. Be sure and wear your Pikachu cosplay outfit. Maybe your cousins will wear cosplay also–something from Pokemon, so you can be a group! Love from all of us!

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