Lana & Cuong’s Wedding

Jul 16, 11 At Lana & Cuong's Wedding

Hey sweetheart! Daddy and I went to the beautiful wedding of Auntie Lana & Uncle Cuong today. It was a warm day, but I kept us hydrated with a lot of water and fruit, especially watermelons — your favorite!

We saw a lot of our friends there! You have so many happy aunties and uncles waiting to meet you!

Your Uncle Jeff took this photo of all of us. Daddy’s holding you tight! heh You’re going to have to kick a little harder in the next few weeks. He’s anxiously waiting to feel you! I felt you tapping through most of the day. You seem to really enjoy the loud music at the reception. You were bouncing around in there!

Here’s your Auntie Lana and Uncle Cuong at the wedding ceremony! Don’t they look beautiful?

I’m so happy my taste buds are turning back to normal! We had lots of mushroom, Chinese broccoli, and bok choy today. Nom nom! I’ll be eating a lot more veggies from now on because they taste so good. :)

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  1. Mommy said you were dancing with all
    the music at the reception lol

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