Long Day with the Doctors

Jul 13, 11 Ultrasound - Thumb Sucking

[CoderBaby’s first glamour photoshoot, entitled Thumb Sucking. Week 17 & 5 Days]

Hey sweetheart! I couldn’t sleep much last night. I always get anxious the night before a doctor’s appointment. And I was more nervous today knowing I had to drink 3 glasses of water and hold it in for an hour and a half. Those were the instructions in order for the ultrasound to work. And on the way to the hospital, there were a lot of bumpy roads and construction, so you can just imagine how fun that was. I hope you didn’t mind bouncing around in there! The thought of seeing you again was quite comforting and definitely something I was looking forward to.

I checked in at 8:30am and saw the radiologist first. I waited in the hallway with another lady for a few minutes. She was tapping her feet and pretty much doing the pee-pee dance in her chair. I asked her.. “it’s the water huh?” and we started talking. She kept fidgeting thought and I just kept thinking to myself, “did I drink enough water? I’m not doing that dance yet!” But then I saw the huge cup of water she had next to her and I knew she drank more than was required.

The radiologist finally called me in. She’s the one who does all the scans of you using ultrasounds. She snapped pictures of every part of you for a doctor to exam. This took close to an hour because you liked to be in the same position for most of the exam! It wasn’t until I called Daddy in did you move around. I know how much you get excited to hear Daddy. The radiologist used this opportunity to take the rest of the needed photos.

At 10am, we went to see the specialist doctor, but your photos were still bring processed, so they sent me to get my blood work in the meantime.

We went downstairs and I got #36 ticket number. They were barely on #8! Let’s just say there was a long wait for one vile of blood (that took less than 1 minute to get). At least we got to snack on a bagel for breakfast while waiting.

Daddy and I rushed back up to see the doctor at 11am. The nurse said that the doctor wanted to do a followup exam, but his next opening will be at 1:30pm today. So we took a quick break for lunch and went to work for a bit.

We went back to the hospital at 1:30pm to see the doctor. The nurse who was helping him asked what I did for work. I said I was a computer programmer. And she said, “oh, like Mark Zuckerberg? The Facebook guy?”

I said, “yea, kinda like him, but he’s much nerdier.” And she couldn’t stop laughing. heh

Anyhow, the doctor said I will need to take weekly shots to prevent you from arriving too early. That’s not exactly what I wanted to hear, but for you to be healthy and well, I’ll do anything!

So we waited and waited until it was my turn to get the shot. The shot took about less than a minute and it wasn’t as bad as everyone made it sound. It does kind of leave me feeling numb, but knowing you’ll be healthier is comforting.

We didn’t leave the hospital until sometime after 3:30pm. It was just a long day and I was exhausted. I took the rest of the day off, but tomorrow will be a new start. I still can’t help worrying because I only want the best for you.

My highlight today was definitely seeing you again! And Daddy and I got so many pictures of you too! The radiologist snapped a shot of your sucking your thumb! That one was my favorite. You must have gotten that trait for Daddy. haha You should have seen Daddy’s face when he saw you move around. He’s very proud. :)

And whether you’re a boy or a girl.. you already know that. And we do too. But we’ll have to surprise everyone else later ok? :)

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  1. Carla /

    Noooo…you must tell! Boy or girl?

  2. Lena /

    Boy or girl?! Boy or girl?! Boy or girl?!

  3. You’ll tell me next week right?? I won’t tell!

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