OC Photoshoot

Jul 23, 11 Week 19 - Dear Baby

[Photo by JMan Photography]

Dear Baby, I promise to love and cherish you, always. The very thought of you makes me smile. This photo that Uncle Jeff captured says it all.

Hay baby! Mommy and Daddy and some friends went on a photoshoot in Orange County this weekend. I hope all that walking and heat didn’t get to you. I felt you moving around all day! We went to San Juan Capistrono Mission for the first time and it was lovely! Just before sunset, we went to Corona Del Mar for beach photos. It’s such a beautiful beach!

Oh yes, and your Uncle Jeff is very into healthy foods, so you were well fed today. We had lunch at Fukada which served organic soba and udon noodles. And for dinner, we went to Native Cafe which served mostly vegan dishes. Can you say healthy? :)

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  1. How funny, Daynah! You were in my old ‘hood over the weekend. I love Mission San Juan Capistrano, it’s definitely one of the prettiest missions. And I was at Corona del Mar on Sat, too! Wasn’t it insanely crowded?? Glad you had a fun time!

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