Week 17 – My Little Onion!

Jul 08, 11 Week 17 – My Little Onion!

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Aww, you’re at Week 17 today and you’re getting so big. At least it feels that way! Daddy loves touching you and keeps asking me if you’re kicking! You’re not kicking yet, but I feel little taps now and then. And I know when you’re hanging out on the left side or the right side of my belly. It comforts...

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Baby Announcement!

Jul 07, 11 Baby Announcement!

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Hey Baby! We’re about to announce your soon-to-be arrival to the rest of the world! So happy to finally share the great news with everyone. I hope they cast their votes on whether you’re a boy or girl on the left side of this webpage! We’ll find out if we’re painting your nursery pink or blue very...

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Pika Pika!

Jul 04, 11 Pika Pika!

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Hey Pika-boo! We got a little present for you! Daddy and I went to the Anime Expo to see your second cousin’s artwork. She had a booth at the Artist Gallery filled with her drawings. It was pretty awesome! We then swept the exhibit floor to look for a gift for you. I really wanted to get your a Pikachu hat, and it was sold out...

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Family Announcement

Jul 02, 11 Family Announcement

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Hey sweetie! Daddy made the big announcement about you to his family today! We had a big family reunion lunch, 18 family members, to celebrate your Great Grandpa and uncle’s birthdays. After lunch, daddy called everyone’s attention and said that you’ll be arriving later this year. He did such a great job that I was...

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Week 16 – Tummy Photos

Jul 01, 11 Week 16 – Tummy Photos

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Here are the Week 16 tummy photos! Google Plus just opened up this week. Yes, daddy and I are super Google geeks… so this photo is entitled, Daynah + 1. 😉 You’re the size of an avocado this week! Speaking of avocado, I suddenly have a craving for chips and gauc. heh Related...

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Week 16 – My Little Avocado

Jul 01, 11 Week 16 – My Little Avocado

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Hey there sweetheart, you’re now at Week 16! Yes, sweet Week 16! I love looking down at my belly and see how big you’re quickly growing. It just assures me that you’re getting healthy and strong! So today, I announced your arrival to some of my crafty friends at work. The room was full of screams after I said the...

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