Pika Pika!

Hey Pika-boo! We got a little present for you!

Daddy and I went to the Anime Expo to see your second cousin’s artwork. She had a booth at the Artist Gallery filled with her drawings. It was pretty awesome! We then swept the exhibit floor to look for a gift for you. I really wanted to get your a Pikachu hat, and it was sold out in a lot of the booths. That was my goal, but I ended up getting a little more than just the hat. lol

Here’s Daddy and I trying on your present! lol It’s a little big, even for us, so we’ll need to make adjustments. Your second cousins L & L will be making you some very cute cosplay costumes for next year. Aren’t you excited? LOL You’ll be our little bundle of Pika joy! :)

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