Pink or Blue?! Take a Guess!

Jul 11, 11 Boy or Girl?

Well, our guess is just as good as yours! We’ll find out the baby’s gender soon (that’s if the baby cooperates and doesn’t end up mooning us! haha). But what is your guess and why?

There’s a poll on the right side. Cast your vote and leave a comment here telling us why you voted that way. Some people tell us they know exactly what the baby’s gender is just by looking at the belly. Well then, my weekly tummy photos are all online, so tell me what you think the gender is. And if there’s any appropriate questions you want me to answer to help you decide, ask away!

We’re anxious to find out what color to paint the nursery. :)

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  1. Carla /

    I think it’s going to be a girl. No reason though =)

  2. Kristen /

    Congrats to both you and your husband……. I wish you all the best in the world.
    The way your carry’n now, Id have to say your having a bb princess <3

  3. Vicki /

    I think it’s a girl. She looks like she is riding high like girls like to do!!

  4. Gut says a girl. :) Congratulations! So exciting!

  5. Titus /


  6. I find it funny that everyone says girl, that’s what I’d say, though my reasoning is odd LOL, A lot of my friends are having boys, except one (that’s due any day now) and she’s having a girl, so I think it needs to even out hehe. My little brother’s baby is due on Christmas day or just before, and he has a boy already but I think it’s the end of August when we find out what it is.

  7. Girl — need more lady coders :)

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