Week 17 – Tummy Photos

Jul 08, 11 Week 17

Hey Baby! Happy Week 17! Gosh you’re getting big.

I have something funny to tell you. Daddy noticed that my bellybutton is getting smaller. And when I tried to look down, I couldn’t see anything. lol But after taking a look in the mirror, it definitely is. That’s where you’re attached to me right? I feel like you’re tickling me everyday!

I can’t wait to see you soon. We’ll be at the Dr.’s next week! I hope they’ll give me a photo of you. And here are this week’s tummy photos!

Love you!

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  1. Geoff Audette /

    Hi Mommy to Be,

    Congrats to you and Al. That’s amazing news.

    Your blog is awesome. (Great Photo Work.) Can’t believe you found out in week 4.

    Make sure to rest!


    • Mommy-to-Be /

      Thank so much Geoff! Congrats to you with you newborn too! Ethan is simply adorable! :)

  2. Linda /

    wait till the baby moves around in your tummy, its really amazing watching your tummy moves like that. enjoy every moment of it! make sure to take video of your birth too. i wish i did… lol. hopefully i can get another chance.

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