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Aug 05, 11 Google Plus

Since I’m still on bedrest, I had all day to research various things about babies. With all the baby gear available nowadays, it gets kinda confusing! So I decided to do some crowd-sourcing tonight and posted the following on my Google+:

For the parents out there, could you help me with something? I was just wondering what type of things do babies need? I’ve been working on my registry and researching all sorts of baby gears, but I would love to hear your suggestions and advice. I’m currently on bedrest so I can’t test out everything in person. You can help be my hands and eyes! Please help this soon-to-be first time parent. 😉

..and I absolutely loved all the helpful responses I received! There’s just so many things to think about, and I’m glad I have so many great people to help me along the way to parenthood. This is why I love social media!

Please, if you have more tips and advice, feel free to leave a comment below or in the Google+ discussion thread!

Here are some of my favorite tips and advice:

Robert Scoble – Daynah: it’s best for babies to be fed breast milk as long as possible (breast pump is a good registry gift). For diapers and formula, though, it’s best to try out some different ones and see which works best for you. I forget what formula worked best for us, but Huggles works best for diapers. I wouldn’t put diapers or formula on a registry, though.

One thing. Everyone wil give you TONS of clothes for first two months. Don’t worry about that.

Instead, ask them to buy you clothes for one to two years old. That’s far more useful and you’ll need them more than anything for newborns.

Cheryl Allin – Okay, not a lot of Moms will tell you this but after the first day or two the breastfeeding will hurt like bejesus crazy, but stick it out! The baby will get tons and tons of benefit from your immune system and you will lose weight – fast!!! But, if you choose to not breastfeed – do NOT feel bad about it – it’s your choice, do what you feel is right for you.

You’ll want something comfy you can sit the baby in that rocks – like a little seat that you can rock with your foot.

Spit rags – lots and lots of spit rags to place on your shoulder for burps that keep your clothes from getting spit-up on them.

If he/she gets fussy, it’s nice to lay down in bed with them on your chest and just tap their bottom in rhythm as this always helped my 3 babies keep calm or get to sleep.

If you use bottles, the Playtex with the inserts that vacuum seal are amazing and totally minimize burping and spitup as they don’t get excess air. You also don’t have to wash bottles, just the nipples (which are more natural shaped than other bottles).

I hope that helps! Babies are so wonderful! I envy you!

Ryan ChuThis book was a great resource for us.

As for diapers, we’ve been using Pamper’s and haven’t had a blowout yet. Don’t buy too many newborn size diapers because your little one will outgrow them quick.

Cheryl Allin: Ah, strollers! I hate strollers, they’re such a pain. You won’t need all the bells and whistles but test it for forward and lateral movement in tight spaces and how easily it collapses for storage in the car. Watch for how it closes for the ‘pinched fingers’ element. 😉

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  1. I’m so happy to be of some help! My youngest is now ten, so they probably have even more baby options than they did a decade ago. However, some of the basics will never change. Keep up the great work with your blog and photos and documentation of all those special moments. You’ll be surprised just how quickly it all whizzes by! I’m certain you’ll be a fantastic Mom!

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