iPad App Review: BabyCenter Birth Class

Aug 17, 11 Babycenter Birth Class iPad App

Earlier this week, I took a birthing class right on my iPad. Yup! On my iPad! I just love today’s technology! I used an iPad app called “BabyCenter Birth Class” by BabyCenter.

This iPad app is a complete birth class that will take approximately 3 hours to finish. The material is divided into 10 chapters and there’s space for you to take notes after each section.

In this virtual couse, you’ll learn:

  • Learn the signs and stages of labor
  • Hear real birth stories from new parents
  • Get tips and guidance from doctors, midwives, and birth educators
  • Explore your pain-management options
  • Get suggestions for creating your birth plan
  • Discover the keys to a positive birth experience
  • Start, stop, pause, and view the material at your own pace and in the order you choose

Each section has a video of Linda Murray, BabyCenter editor in chief, reading and explaining the topic at hand. There are also extra video footage of parents’s real childbirth experiences. After going through each birth class section, a little “note” section pops up and you can type your thoughts and notes in it. The next section pops up in about 10 seconds if you choose not to type any notes. On the lower right, there is also a “workbook” button that will take you to related links so you can read more about the topic.

What I really love about this app is that you can start, stop, and pause anywhere in the app. This gives you some time to take breaks to absorb all the information, and move along at your own pace. There are some very graphic video parts, and I highly suggest taking a break after watching them. Childbirth is a beautiful thing, but at the same time, can be very intense.

I found this app to be very informative and useful for expecting parents. Although it doesn’t completely eliminate the fear of labor, it does empower you to know more about the topic. So when you or your doctor have to make an emergency decision, you’re more prepared. Material presented in the video are from experts and offer general information, not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Of course, you should consult a medical professional if you have questions about your pregnancy, your health, or your child’s health.

What is more amazing is that the app use to be $39.99, but recently became Free! So get it now before the price goes back up. The app is only available for the iPad running iOS 4.2+ and certainly worth the time if you’re thinking about or expecting a baby in the near future.

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