Thinking about Cloth Diapers!

Aug 07, 11 Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers

Lately, I’ve been researching a lot about baby products and I got all fired up about cloth diapers when Natali Morris from Mommy Beta mentioned them on my G+ post.

I do want to do all I can to help the environment. And the thought of a year’s worth of dirty diapers thrown in the landfill just makes me shivers.

But before you cringe, let me just say that cloth diapers today are NOTHING like they were when I was a kid! When I was a kid, they were more like a towel wrapped around my bottom. Today’s cloth diapers are quite functional, easy to use, and dare I say, really fashionable!

Natali recommended a brand called Charlie Banana. After reading the instruction for cloth diaper care, I don’t find them that bad! Sure it’ll require a little more work and planning, but it’ll definitely save money and the planet in the long run.

I told my husband about this and he wasn’t quite thrilled at the idea. lol But I’m hoping he’ll come around. I’m thinking about purchasing 1 or 2 as testers to see how they work for us. Plus, the cloth diaper’s 2-in-1 system also allows disposable inserts, so we can do some hybrid diapering if we wanted to. We’ll see when the baby gets here. heh

Charlie Banana diapers are available at Target and Babies R Us, so they’ll be easy to find.

Read more about cloth diapers at and baby product recommendations at

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  1. If I ever have children, I’m definitely going to cloth diaper!! You should read this post over at Young House Love, they talk about cloth diapering their baby, Clara, and some tips:

  2. I considered using cloth diapers when Duke was born, but gave up soon after he came home. At least 7-8 diaper changes a day, it was really hard to keep up with. If you send him/her to daycare, make sure to check with the daycare provider because I don’t know any daycare in my area use them.

  3. We cloth diaper our baby girl and it is super easy…I did a huge blog post about it a couple weeks ago:

    • Mommy-to-Be /

      Good job Vera! The array of colors on cloth diapers caught my eye too! :)

  4. Hi Daynah, this is a very good deal from amazon if you are going to use cloth diapers.
    Buy Six Diapers and Get Two Free with Mail-In-Rebate from Fuzzibunz

  5. Hi!
    I absolutely recommend CD! I blog about green living at and if you need to convince your husband show him this:
    My husband CD’s with me and he has found no trouble at all!

    PS: they are so cute too!

  6. Sean Percival /

    Funny this came up in another search I was doing for diaper stuff.

    We tried it a few times but in the end it just wasn’t a match for us. Saving money and the planet is nice but saving my wife’s sanity proved to more valuable. :)

    • Mommy-to-Be /

      Hey Sean! Yea, I don’t think it’s a match for my husband either. I’m willing to give it a try to see, but he’s very hesitant. I may just have to start potty training much earlier! :)

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