I’m Free! (Well, Kinda!)

Aug 04, 11 Shopping at Babies R Us

I really love that my doctor takes such good care of me! Today was my follow-up appointment so he could check up on his surgery work from last week. And everything looks great! The baby’s heartbeat is wonderful and very healthy. So I’m quite happy. He kept saying keep up the good work! (heh more like keep up not doing anything. lol)

He said I can walk a little bit more now, but still wants me to rest for most of the day. He also said I can sit up a little more. Woot! I’ve been on my back for the whole week, so this was great news! It’ll make typing a lot easier! But he also said, no shopping, or going to the movies, etc. Doh.. Well, I’m keeping his advice in mind. It is after all, for the well-being of the baby!

The doctor also noticed that they put my appointment in wrong on the computer. And I said, yea, it was a bit weird because the receptionist asked me for a co-pay which never happened before. He said, don’t worry about this, we’ll get it taken care of! See, always looking out for me! Before I left the clinic, I got my refund back. :)

I thought I was heading straight home after today’s appointment, but Albert knew how much I wanted to go to Babies R Us, so that’s where he took me! I had my seat reclined all the way down, so when I noticed all the name of the stores from the window, I kept asking him where he was taking me.

Albert: “To Babies R Us, where else?!”
Daynah: “But there doctor said no shopping..”
Albert: “But he also said you can sit up. Just take a few steps into the store and we’ll get you a wheelchair.”

I was so excited! I mean, I always am when I go to Babies R Us, but after a week and a half of being locked up in the house, this was like a field trip for me! Freedom! Albert parked in the “Expected Mothers” spot — yes they have these! — and we walked in. He put me in a wheelchair, and pushed me all around the store. Ahh, I just loved seeing all the colors and feeling all the fabrics. It’s just so much nicer than online shopping/browsing. I snapped a bunch of pictures of items that I wanted to add to our registry. And we both picked out a few newborn outfits for out little one. We got 5 onesies and two long sleeve outfits. I was aiming for one week’s worth of clothes, but I heard this might only last week two days (if I’m lucky!) lol I may need to make another trip to the store. :)

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