Pink or Blue? Here’s the Big Reveal!

Aug 10, 11 Pink or Blue?

So the big question is.. Pink or Blue, Girl or Boy! Click on the picture to find out the baby’s gender!

Here’s the results of the poll:

Girl (69%, 49 Votes) — Boy (31%, 22 Votes)

We’re excited and happy to announce that we’re having a darling baby girl! Looks like you guys got it right! We both can’t wait to meet our little CoderBaby Girl this winter!

The next hard part is figuring out baby girl names! If you have ideas, please leave them in the comments. 😉

And finally, here are some of our Baby Girl Gender Announcements, taken by our good friend JMan:

Our daughter’s first pair of shoes.. :) Daddy was searching high and low all over the store to find the perfect pair!

Our daughter’s first big stuffed toy. Mommy will hold onto this until she’s big enough to play with it though. :) Yes, people were wondering what I was doing with such a big toy on the beach. heh

Pink elephant made via Cricut!

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  1. Uncle Tim /

    Hey Guys–thanks for the cards. I’m enjoying the updates. This kid is going to have an easy time if she ever wants to research her history!

  2. Congratulations Daynah! I think a baby girl is perfect for you :)

  3. I am so happy for you Daynah!!! :)

  4. Aaron /


    Kaitlynn (Katie for short)
    Ava (Awesome for short)
    Anastasia (Annie for short)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! We are SOOO excited for you!!! Girls are SO much fun and so much fun to shop with and for!!

  6. Congrats, Daynah and Al! I guessed right! (I think.)

    Here’s my quick suggestion:

    Renee Aurora Morita (R.A.M. hehe)

    Renee (reborn)
    Aurora (dawn)

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