Our Hello Kitty Themed Nursery!

Aug 12, 11 Hello Kitty and Pup Bedding

I originally wanted the Soft and Fuzzy Pooh bedding set, but once I saw this Hello Kitty and Puppy Bedding Set, I just fell in love! I’m sure our baby girl will love it too. Plus it gives me a great excuse to shop at the Sanrio store again. haha “Really, it’s not for me, it’s for the baby!”

I was waiting all day yesterday for the UPS guy to deliver the bedding set! He didn’t come until 5pm, but I was quite happy when he did. I couldn’t wait to open it up. This design is just beautiful and I really love how the brighter pink pops! The quilt and bumper are nice and soft. I’ll have to purchase the valance, blanket, diaper stacker, wall decor, and lamp another time. This is enough happiness for now. haha Plus, I’ll be making some of my own Hello Kitty decorations with my cricut. :)

I’ll have to take a photo of the nursery once I get all the pieces in. The crib is a darker wood color and our walls are neutral. So it’s not as pink as the picture above portrays. 😉

If you’re looking for a lighter Hello Kitty nursery theme, check out the Hello Friends Bedding Set. It’s more of a pastel purple, and there are some great pieces in this set. I may have to mix and match! :)

Oh.. this is quite exciting. I’m decorating the nursery of my dreams! lol

I still need to figure out what kind of mattress to buy. I’m planning on having out little one sleep in the crib around 3 months. Any suggestions on mattresses? I know they should still be firm for that age.

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  1. Jessica Lin /

    Hi Dana! The bedding looks so cute! I’d recommend foam mattress rather than spring mattress. It’s much lighter – every time I change the sheet, I’m glad that I got the foam one! We have Moonlight Slumber Starlight Support Supreme All Foam Crib Mattress. It has 2 sides: one side is firmer for when the baby is little, and the other side is a little bit softer. We just recently flipped. Some reviews say that they find the mattress too hard. I don’t think it’s that bad… Alexander doesn’t seem to mind at all! He’s been sleeping in his crib since Day 1.

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