Stop, It’s Hello Kitty Time!

Aug 15, 11 Hello Kitty Fabric

Albert came home tonight and handed me an envelope from Carla! On the envelope, it said “Clue 1” and when I opened it, there was this cute Hello Kitty fabric. So adorable! It’s going to be on the baby girl quilt she’s making for my daughter! 😀 So sweet! Thanks Carla.. I can’t wait for clue # 2. lol

At 7pm, Maria, Lilly, and Tammy came over with dinner and yummy desserts! They’re all so sweet! Had a wonderful night and Lilly and I did some crafting. Check out the Hello Kitty we made. :)

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  1. @G-URoy and @G-ADee /

    Hey, what are you doing out of bed?!

    • Mommy-to-Be /

      I’m in the same spot on the couch that you saw me last time. lol

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