Life’s Little Pleasures

Aug 23, 11 sanrio-yogurtland

I just got back from seeing the nurse. I have to say, these injection shots are getting more painful every week. :( I’m pretty sure it has to do with my lack of movement and exercise due to bedrest. But at least I get to leave the house and soak up the sun for a few minutes! Ahh, life’s little pleasures that I won’t take for granted anymore.

I think I deserve a treat everytime I get these shots now. lol We stopped by McD’s and I got 3 hot cakes, hash brown, oatmeal, and a parfait! Had the hot cakes and hash brown for my second breakfast.. and oatmeal and parfait will be a later meal. That’s as far as my cravings go. Nothing too weird yet. :)

And ever since I learned that Hello Kitty and friends are now at Yogurtland… I suddenly have a craving for that too. Well, I really want to collect the limited toys and spoons. haha Albert promised to pick me up a treat for dessert tonight!

Plans for today? I’m attending the Mobile Web Framework Conference Day 2 again today. It’ll take up pretty most of the day. There’s also a discussion with Inside Google+: Bradley Horowitz talks with Tim O’Reilly that I signed up for at 1pm. And hopefully I get a chance to test out the HP Touchpad and see how well it works in an academic setting. There’s a few blog posts, emails, and web development I need to work on as well. And a conference call later tonight about a web project. Yup, I’m keeping pretty busy! If I’m lucky, I can sneak in an hour nap somewhere in there though. :)

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