Our Hello Kitty Themed Nursery!

Aug 12, 11 Our Hello Kitty Themed Nursery!

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I originally wanted the Soft and Fuzzy Pooh bedding set, but once I saw this Hello Kitty and Puppy Bedding Set, I just fell in love! I’m sure our baby girl will love it too. Plus it gives me a great excuse to shop at the Sanrio store again. haha “Really, it’s not for me, it’s for the baby!” I was...

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Week 22 – Little Papaya!

Aug 12, 11 Week 22 – Little Papaya!

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Yay! Happy Week 22 my little girl! You’re as big as a papaya today. Now that I know you’re sleeping as much as I am, I won’t worry so much. I usually do when I don’t feel you kicking within an hour or so. What can I say, I’m going to be a mother! A few days ago, I saw the doctor and he says...

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Hello Kitty Surprise!

Aug 10, 11 Hello Kitty Surprise!

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Well, I got the loveliest surprise today. Julie stopped by again today and dropped off this beautiful Hello Kitty fruit basket that she and my friends/colleagues got for me! Omygoodness.. I absolutely loved it! The fruits were so yummy, sweet, and delicious! I ate most of them and I’m sure out baby girl enjoyed it too. After...

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Two Thumbs.. Suck!

Aug 10, 11 Two Thumbs.. Suck!

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[Ultrasound photo entitled, “Two Thumbs… Suck?” Well, you saw the photo with a thumb in her mouth.. how about both thumbs? She’s as talented as her Daddy, I can tell that already!] Today was a fun and exciting day! After being stuck in the house for weeks, any day I get to step outside is fun and exciting....

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Pink or Blue? Here’s the Big Reveal!

Aug 10, 11 Pink or Blue? Here’s the Big Reveal!

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So the big question is.. Pink or Blue, Girl or Boy! Click on the picture to find out the baby’s gender! Here’s the results of the poll: Girl (69%, 49 Votes) — Boy (31%, 22 Votes) We’re excited and happy to announce that we’re having a darling baby girl! Looks like you guys got it right! We both...

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Week 2 of Bedrest

So today marks my two weeks of being on bedrest. Now that the doctor days I’m able to sit up and walk around a bit, it’s not too bad. But still, he doesn’t want me doing housework, go out, or be on my feet too much. I still sit in a tilted/almost slouching position because I don’t want any pressure on the...

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Thinking about Cloth Diapers!

Aug 07, 11 Thinking about Cloth Diapers!

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Lately, I’ve been researching a lot about baby products and I got all fired up about cloth diapers when Natali Morris from Mommy Beta mentioned them on my G+ post. I do want to do all I can to help the environment. And the thought of a year’s worth of dirty diapers thrown in the landfill just makes me shivers. But...

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Kung Fu Baby

Yesterday, Daddy wanted to say goodbye to you before he went to work. So he was waiting and waiting for you to kick. He didn’t feel anything for a few minutes. Then you kicked him (and me) REALLY HARD! That scared him a bit because he wasn’t expecting it. lol Aren’t you sneaky, my little Kung Fu baby. Related Prod

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Week 21 – Tummy Photos

Aug 05, 11 Week 21 – Tummy Photos

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Woot, it’s Week 21! Happy Week 21 darling! You’re as big as a banana this week! I love watching and feeling you grow everyday. It makes me so happy! I’m sorry I didn’t take any tummy photos last week. I was following the doctor’s strict orders to not be on my feet at all. But now that he said I can...

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Late Night Discussion about Babies

Aug 05, 11 Late Night Discussion about Babies

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Since I’m still on bedrest, I had all day to research various things about babies. With all the baby gear available nowadays, it gets kinda confusing! So I decided to do some crowd-sourcing tonight and posted the following on my Google+: For the parents out there, could you help me with something? I was just wondering what...

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Week 21: My Little Banana-fana!

Aug 05, 11 Week 21: My Little Banana-fana!

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What can I say? We’re more than halfway there darling! Daddy and I are so excited! Happy Week 21! At our last visit, the doctor said you’re healthy and strong, and Mommy’s doing good too. Mommy just has to take it easy from now on, but we’re spending a lot of quality time together huh? You’re starting...

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I’m Free! (Well, Kinda!)

Aug 04, 11 I’m Free! (Well, Kinda!)

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I really love that my doctor takes such good care of me! Today was my follow-up appointment so he could check up on his surgery work from last week. And everything looks great! The baby’s heartbeat is wonderful and very healthy. So I’m quite happy. He kept saying keep up the good work! (heh more like keep up not doing...

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Needles, Parfait, and Cards, Oh My!

Aug 03, 11 Needles, Parfait, and Cards, Oh My!

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So last night, I mentioned to Albert how much I missed going outside and walking around. I haven’t left the house in over a week! And he had to remind me that I get to go to the hospital today to get my weekly shot. Can I say, Yay? Last week when I went, it was quiet painful since I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink...

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Our Little Soccer Player — Kick Kick!

Aug 02, 11 Our Little Soccer Player — Kick Kick!

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Sweetie, your kicks are getting so much stronger this week. Daddy and I not only feel them, but we can SEE them! It is just so interesting! I feel you all day, but now I can see exactly where you kicked! heh And Daddy checks up on you every night when he comes home. There are times when he just asks you to kick and you get all shy!...

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A Week of Bedrest, But I’m Surviving!

Aug 01, 11 A Week of Bedrest, But I’m Surviving!

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It’s been a week since I got my shocking (and scary) news from the doctor. He immediately ordered me to be on bedrest, starting now until the rest of the year. What was going through my mind at the time? The well-being of the baby of course, then the surgery, the risks, and then wondering what’s going to happen at work.....

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