Needles, Parfait, and Cards, Oh My!

So last night, I mentioned to Albert how much I missed going outside and walking around. I haven’t left the house in over a week! And he had to remind me that I get to go to the hospital today to get my weekly shot. Can I say, Yay?

Last week when I went, it was quiet painful since I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything. So today, I was prepared and went in with a full stomach. Believe me, it made a world of difference! I took a deep breath and it was soon over. And no stinging pain piercing down my leg this time.

But I still definitely deserved something yummy after, so Albert took me to McD’s and got my a fruit parfait. Boy they’ve gotten A LOT smaller! The last time I had one of these was probably 12 years ago. I think I can eat 2 o 3 of them now. haha

The baby has been so active this week, moving all around, and kicking everywhere. But today, I swear, I think the baby is punching too. LOL I feel kicks from one side, and sudden movements on the other side. They’re kinda like a bunch of needles poking me. I’m assuming they’re small lil hands or fingers? It’s been an interesting week and I’m looking forward to what else this baby has in stored for us. haha

After Albert took me home from the hospital, I sent him to work with a stack of cards I made during the week. Yes, they were our gender announcement cards. But I’m not even halfway through making all of them! So he only got a small stack, and the girls were going crazy and harassing him for the cards. LOL Too funny, I wish I was there in person, but they let me in on it via chat. :) I need to get started on another batch soon and mail off the rest!

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