Two Thumbs.. Suck!

Aug 10, 11 Thumbs Suck

[Ultrasound photo entitled, “Two Thumbs… Suck?” Well, you saw the photo with a thumb in her mouth.. how about both thumbs? She’s as talented as her Daddy, I can tell that already!]

Today was a fun and exciting day! After being stuck in the house for weeks, any day I get to step outside is fun and exciting. lol

I had my first follow-up with my High Risk doctor today. He was really pleased with my progress. He did an ultrasound and printed a bunch of images of our baby girl. The ultrasound machine had this cool 4D Real Time technology too, so Albert and I could clearly see the baby’s face, ears, hands, fingers, legs… etc. as she moves around! It was so amazing. I couldn’t stop laughing when she put BOTH of her thumbs in her mouth. And then she waved (or maybe Hi-5) to us. So cute! Hello there darling!

I also got my TD / Whooping Cough vaccination today. It didn’t hurt at first, but now my arm is starting to feel really sore. I got really worried when the medical assistant said that anyone who comes near the baby would need the vaccination. So I asked my doctor, and he said, she misspoke. The baby will get all my immunization from my breastmilk, so I don’t need to be alarm. Albert’s going to get his vaccination just in case though.

In addition, I also got my usual weekly Hydroxyprogesterone injection shot. Not exactly fun, but I’m so use to it now. Just got to make sure I eat and drink something before getting it so it doesn’t hurt as bad. And I had plenty to eat this morning. :)

The other good thing is, unless my regular doctor sends me, I no longer need to visit the High Risk doctor anymore. But I will miss his cool 4D ultrasound machine!

After my doctor and nurse visits, Albert took me on another ‘fieldtrip!” We went to a nearby Target and I hopped on one of their new motorized carts and drove all around the store. It was actually kinda fun! The cart is absolutely easy to operate, and I can do 360’s in the big center aisles! Except for some of the clothing sections, I was able to drive down any aisle. So I give Target two thumbs up on handicap accessibility! Babies R Us still needs to work on this. I found their aisles hard to maneuver in a wheelchair last week. But I’m thankful they had wheelchairs at all! Otherwise, no shopping for me.

We tested out some baby items such as carseats and strollers. There’s just so many choices, it’s hard to pick! I’m pretty sure I want to get a neutral-colored Graco Travel System (stroller and carseat combo), so this narrows down the choices a bit. But which model to buy is another question. The carseat will have to be our next big baby purchase. We can’t take the baby home without one! I’ll have to research a little more. I do know that Target has some of the best prices, but Babies R Us has this awesome stroller finder chart!

This particular demo one that Albert brought down is called the Graco Alano FlipIt Travel System. You can have the carseat so the baby is facing you OR flip it around and the baby can fast forward. Only drawback is no cupholders in the handle bars. 😉

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