A Week of Bedrest, But I’m Surviving!

It’s been a week since I got my shocking (and scary) news from the doctor. He immediately ordered me to be on bedrest, starting now until the rest of the year. What was going through my mind at the time? The well-being of the baby of course, then the surgery, the risks, and then wondering what’s going to happen at work.. and gah, it just all happened too quickly for me to process. I’m the kind of person who likes to plan things out.. and well, not everything in life works according to plans! You just gotta roll with the punches, and that’s what I’m learning.

I was a wreck after that appointment, but felt so much better after talking to a friend who went through something similar. She has a beautiful family now and that thought really lifted up my spirits. And all of your stories and encouragement greatly helped as well.

Tuesday rolled around and I was just anxious to have the surgery done with. And it all happened on Wednesday. The day was scary at first, but as long as the doctors and nurses told me what was happening and what to expect, I was fine.. and I really was. And seeing my baby kick and move all around in there made everything all worthwhile.

So it’s been a week of bedrest now, and I can say… I’m surviving. No working, no driving, no walking, or even sitting… it’s starting to drive me nuts. Fortunately, I’ve been having lots of visitors over at the house so it doesn’t feel that lonesome or isolated. Thank you to everyone who have visited and will visit. It means a lot to me! And my schedule is pretty wide open… lol, so feel free to stop by again/anytime!

I have plenty to do to occupy myself, so I can’t say I’m completely bored. Figuring out what’s the best way to do things is the hard part. For instance, laying down to type emails and blog posts was driving my shoulders nuts. They ached so much that I had to take breaks in between emails/typing and do something else. Sometimes I just napped so I wouldn’t feel the aches and pains.

Over the week, Albert set up a small office space for me in the bedroom so I’d have a bigger monitor to work on. I can lay on two computer chairs and type on my lap with the keyboard. This is kind of better since I’m not touching an overheated laptop all the time. The bad part? I’m slouching most of the time in the chair, trying to keep my body in a less than 45 degree angle. And my back and my mousing arm aches, a lot. And when it gets too uncomfortable, I just head back into bed and nap it off again.

Albert also got me a mini fridge! So that minimizes my walking. Plus this new setup reminds me a lot of my workplace, which makes me kinda happy. :)

When I need to craft and make cards, I have all my supplies on a food tray and put it on the bed. And then cut and glue together the pieces I need. I learned that keeping the cards simple really helps! Otherwise, it gets a bit overwhelming.

So that is my life for now, but I can handle it! I do miss going out in the real world, walking around and talking to people, getting fresh air and seeing the sun… but now I have time to catch up on things like sleep and podcasts!

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