Week 22 -Tummy Photos

Aug 12, 11 Week 22 - Tummy Photo

Happy Week 22 darling! Here are some tummy photos that Daddy took when he came home today! We’re both so excited to see you growing strong. You’re 1 pound this week! And we’re getting use to your sleeping and kicking patterns. You love kicking when I want to sleep. lol So I end up staying up to play with you. You respond to my touch when you kick. So super cool. :)

One of the few dresses that still fit me..

Today was such a nice day. Mommy’s coworkers — the whole IT dept — came over for lunch! We had Panera Bread and were just catching up with things! It was just so good seeing all of them again. I really miss our department lunch. But at least I’ll get to see them every 2 weeks or so!

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  1. Tammy /

    Yay!! She’s getting sooo big! :)

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