Pinning my way through Bedrest

Aug 22, 11 Pinterest

Wow, today marks Week 4 of bedrest. I can’t believe I made it this far without going out of my mind yet. Many thanks to my wonderful visitors who kept my spirits up!

Over the past week, I’ve been trying to be more productive, although it’s kinda hard. My body is aching a lot more since I rarely move, not to mention, my tummy is getting bigger (which is good!). And I’m pretty sure my leg muscles have gotten all mushy. It’s been hard to walk around to get food among other things. You really don’t know how a little bit of exercise is helpful until you can’t do them anymore! I miss the outdoors and feeling the sun everyday.

The good thing is, one month down, only 3 more to go! I’m approaching Month 6 of my pregnancy this week, which is definitely a great milestone.

I’m learning so much more about my little girl this week. She likes to wake up early in the morning (6 or 7am), in the afternoon (2pm), and then around dinner time (7 – 8pm) and then 2am in the morning. That’s been her kicking and somersaulting schedule lately. :) She responds every morning when her Daddy wakes up to talk to her. How sweet! Her kicks are so much stronger now that we can both see my stomach move! It’s kinda funny and interesting at the same time.

This week, I’m keeping myself occupied as much as possible — mostly on the computer or my tablet. Totally doing nothing would definitely make me go crazy. I’m getting back into testing and reviewing apps and gadgets again, writing/blogging, reading, web developing, and crafting (more like brainstorming ideas at the moment). My latest addiction is pinning interesting things on my Pinterest Boards. Join in on the fun! Oh yes, there’s an iPhone app for Pinterest too!

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  1. :) glad to hear that you’ve not lost your mind with all that bedrest. :)

  2. Hey Daynah :)

    Congratulations on your bebe girl!!!

    I’m always reading your food and scrapbooking blogs since you started them~ I remember you and dodo from a long time ago hehee and missed meeting you on your trip to NYC. Though you met fadingflowers and womansworth hehee

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