A Day with Friends!

Aug 13, 11 Friends

[Just before eating lunch — Albert, Daynah, Annia, and Jimmy]

My friends Annia, Jimmy, Qi, and Lena came to visit us today! And they brought over lots of yummy food! I had a craving for Asian vegetables.. and that’s exactly what they brought. So Yummy!

We spent the afternoon together and chatted for hours. We even squeezed in some craft time and made cards for this weekend’s celebrations. :) I showed them how to use punches, make cards, and the Cricut machine!

[Qi, Daynah, Annia, and Jimmy]

[Lena thought it was hilarious that I was driving the cart. heh]

In the late afternoon, I went with Qi, Lena, and Albert to Target. Yay, freedom! I did kinda have to whine about not being able to go out and Albert gave in. haha I of course promised to be on a motorized cart when I got there, so he was ok with that. I ended up buying a pair of Hello Kitty shorts. I desperately needed something to wear in the hot weather since none of my other clothes fit anymore! Why not go for something cute as well? 😉

I was a little sad after they all left. I’m missing a wedding reception and birthday party tonight. And a baby’s 1st birthday party tomorrow. My friends came over to cheer me up. And I know it’s best that I rest and not go out, but I still feel sad missing these important events. Bedrest is no fun. Luckily, I was getting random pictures from the events via SMS, Facebook, and G+. :) Wish I was there though! Sure looked like fun!

For dinner, we went to my in-laws and my mother-in-law made a lot of yummy food! I loved the salmon rice balls. So good! Here’s my view on the recliner — tummy, food, and wow, I can still see my feet! haha

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