News of the Dreaded 3-Hour Glucose Test

I went to get my weekly shot today and the nurse wanted to talk to me about my glucose test. She said it’s a little over average an would like me to take the 3 hour test. Sigh… I was afraid of this.

When I got home, I was bummed all day. Having just taken the shot didn’t help either, it just made me really tired and achy.

Albert’s helping me change my diet so hopefully I’ll pass the second time around. I’m planning on eating differently this week — more veggies and proteins and less fruits and carbs — to see if it changes the results.

I’m suppose to fast for 12 hours.. but it’s really 15 hours since I can’t eat until after the 3 hour tests. My plan is to take the test again a week from now. Basically, I’ll get to the hospital and drink that orange drink. An hour later, they take a sample of my blood. Then another hour later, they take my blood sample again and I can finally eat. Looking forward to this… well, not really. heh

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