The 3-Hour Glucose Test Experience

Sep 14, 11 glucose-drink100

Albert dropped me off at the hospital a little after 9am this morning. I’ve been prepping for my 3-Hour Glucose Tolerance Test for the past week now. This test is to check for the possibility of gestational diabetes. We changed my diet, so I was eating less fruits and more protein, dairy, and veggies. And last night, I stopped eating after 8:30pm and started fasting until my tests are over. So by the time I woke up this morning, the baby and I were pretty hungry!

I got in line for my lab tests. For some reason, I kept thinking I was only going to give two blood samples. So I was pretty surprised when the lady told me they’ll be taking my blood sample 4 times today — one right away to check my sugar levels during fasting, again in an hour after I drink that super sweet orange liquid (this one was twice as much sweeter than the last!), and two more times after each hour. This drink is 100 grams of glucose instead of the 50 grams.

I had planned on leaving the hospital in between hours to nearby shops or something, and the nurse told me that’s not a good idea. She advised me to stay within the building because I may get dizzy, tired, or even throw-up. Wonderful… She also said I’ll get cold too and that I should just go nap in a quiet area upstairs.

I started to feel awful during the first hour. I’m not use to having that much sugar in me all at once. I had a slight headache and started getting somewhat dizzy. And then the sugar just all rushed to my stomach and made me feel kind of sick. Imagine eating a ginormous bowl of ice cream and the effects of it after — but without the yumminess!

I passed the time by reading books on my Nook and iPhone, and checking up on social networks. I had my brother come by to drop off my iPad and sweater, but he didn’t come until the last hour. So I just sat outside and read since it was much warmer out there than in the building. Plus reception is better too. lol The hours seemed to pass by quickly, and I got my blood drawn each hour. They kept taking out of the same vein too. Ouch.

My poor little girl was kicking all day. I don’t think she liked the surge of sugar in her food. heh She probably missed her usual cereal breakfast. The whole time, I was getting very drowsy too.

I had posted on Google+ if anyone had taken this 3-Hour glucose tolerance test too, and happy to see all the replies. It just made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

I was so happy when I did my final blood test at 12:45pm. The lady was nice enough to use a different vien, but it was the same arm though! All I wanted to do after was get some food and sleep. And I had no craving for anything sweet after! I got a nice big plate of bok choy, black mushrooms, and brown rice for lunch and was super happy. I passed out afterward. It was a long day, but I know it’s all worth it. My baby girl was pretty happy with our lunch. :)

My test results were online after I woke up from my nap. I’m going to assume for now that I somewhat passed, but I’m not certain. My sugar levels were below average on three of the tests out of the four. The third blood sample (2 hour test), was much higher than average, but it went down during the fourth blood sample (3 hour test). So I’m not sure what to make of it, but I’ll ask my doctor at the next appointment.

So what’s my advice when you take the Glucose Test? Well, pass the first time around if you can. lol Cut out excess fruits and limit it to just one or two a day that week. Try apples or bananas as opposed to grapes, watermelon, cantaloupes, or any with a higher sugar content. And if you do end up taking the 3-hour version of the test, be aware that you’re having your blood drawn four times, you’ll be drinking a liquid that has twice the glucose than the drink for the first test, bring a sweater, and a book or music to entertain yourself for at least 3 hours. You won’t be able to drink any water until the test is over as well because that will dilute the liquid. Plus if you there is a possibility of you having gestational diabetes, it’s better to know now than later. Just hang in there, it’s all worth it in the end, and you’ll be 2/3rds of the way there! :)

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