I Love the Library!

Sep 20, 11 Daynah Hello Kitty Library Sweater

I went into the hospital for my usual weekly injection this morning. It didn’t hurt that much this time, but when I got home it was aching. I tried to sleep it off, but when I woke up, I felt the pain again.

Luckily, my baby girl’s kicks and movements were a wonderful and sweet distraction to all of pain and aches. She’s been active ALL DAY.. I think she only napped once for about 30 minutes.

When Albert came home, he wanted to go out to dinner. And he even mentioned that we could stop by the mall for a bit afterward. I thought he was just joking with me. But he wasn’t! We had a quick dinner at Jose’s and I got to stop by Forever 21 for a little while. I found some nice blouses that fit me and my sister was there to help me carry my loot. lol

I saw this cute Hello Kitty sweater that says “I love the Library” and it made me think of my friends and colleagues at work. Oh how I miss them so much..

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