New Pregnancy Symptoms: Lower Backaches and Shortness of Breath

For the last two weeks, I’ve been having this strange lower back pain. It’s on my left side and hurts so much every time I sit or take a step. So when I walk, it’s more of a wobble because I’m slow and it’s painful. I assume it’s because I’m sitting or laying down all the time, since I’m on bedrest and all. I asked the nurse on Tuesday about it and she said it may be because the baby is on top of a nerve. She advised me to not stay in the same position all the time. I do sleep on my right side all the time, so I’ll try switching to the left.

The other pregnancy symptom I’m feeling now is a shortness of breath when the baby pushes against my stomach. It’s tolerable, but sometimes sneaks up on me. I just have to take deep breaths to make the feeling go away, but I don’t mind this so much because it just means she’s growing. :)

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