Re-living Thursday

I keep replaying Thursday in my head over and over again, trying to remember all the advice and well-wishes I received at the baby shower. It was just so nice to see everyone and I don’t want to forget all the kind words they left for me. With my pregnant and forgetful memory these days, it’s no wonder I jot everything...

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Week 33 – Tummy Photos

Oct 28, 11 Week 33 – Tummy Photos

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Happy Week 33 baby! What an exciting week we had together. We went to our very first baby shower and it was just amazing. Everyone was so anxious to meet and feel you! One thing for sure, everyone loves you. Just a few more week baby, and we’ll get to meet you! You’re getting big now.. heh

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Week 33 – Movin’ and Groovin’

Oct 28, 11 Week 33 – Movin’ and Groovin’

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I can’t believe we’re almost there! Happy Week 33 honey. Or should I call you my little honeydew? We’re at Month 8 now! Daddy and I are getting very anxious to meet you. You’re growing so strong this week. Your punches and kicks are beginning to surprise me! Sometimes I think you’re trying to tell me...

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Baby Shower at Work

Oct 27, 11 Baby Shower at Work

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I still can’t believe what an amazing baby shower my co-workers threw for us today. It was just unbelievable, so special, magical, and really memorable! The best part was being able to see and talk to my colleagues! It’s been so long. The baby was kicking with excitement during the whole party. Thank you everyone for...

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Hello 3rd Trimester!

I’ve been having a really tough time this week. I know, hello third trimester right? All these little discomforts seem to be hitting me all at once. Getting in and out of bed is getting hard. I have to cling onto my lamp to pull myself up. And the baby is getting bigger so she it’s getting hard for her to move around....

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Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper

Oct 25, 11 Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper

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Vivian and Brian, thank you so much for the Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper! We absolutely love it! Albert just set it up a few minutes ago, and it’s the perfect size (width and height) for our bedroom. It’ll be nice to have our little girl sleep in our same room for the first few months. Assembling it was pretty easy...

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Week 32 – Tummy Photo & Doctor Visit

Oct 24, 11 Week 32 – Tummy Photo & Doctor Visit

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Hey Baby! You’re at Week 32 and 3 Days today, and boy are you super active this week. I mean, you’re constantly moving, kicking, and punching! Daddy and I went to the doctor today for your check up and you were moving the whole time. So I finally passed the glucose test last Friday, and I’m almost done with the...

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2-Hour Postprandial Blood Glucose Test

Oct 21, 11 2-Hour Postprandial Blood Glucose Test

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I took my 2-Hour Postprandial Blood Glucose Test this morning. My doctor had mentioned to me what the test was a month ago. But since I saw a different doctor recently, the new doctor ordered the wrong test. I figured as much. I really don’t want to drink that glucose drink again. So I was stuck explaining to the lady at the...

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Week 32 – You’re one active baby!

Oct 21, 11 Week 32 – You’re one active baby!

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Happy Week 32 baby! You are getting really big and you’re constantly moving around.. even more so this week! You’re one active baby! I’ve been trying to rock in my chair this week to lull you to sleep. You only nap now and then though! It’s been really hard for me to move around or even concentrate on any...

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Pregnancy Discomforts

The discomforts of pregnancy are heavily kicking in this week, which explains the lack of updates and such. Last Saturday, I was extremely tired and exhausted, but after napping in the evening, I felt much better. Baby’s really active and kicking a lot, which makes me feel tired for some reason. On Sunday, I was rudely awaken...

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Week 31 – Tummy Photos

Oct 15, 11 Week 31 – Tummy Photos

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Baby, you’ve grown so much! You’re at Week 31 already! It’s getting harder and harder for me to find something to wear each week. lol Nothing seems to fit! But it’s always reassuring that you’re growing strong. Moving around is starting to get harder and harder too. I am gaining about a pound every...

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Week 31 – The 5 Senses!

Oct 14, 11 Week 31 – The 5 Senses!

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Baby, Happy Week 31! You are growing so fast this week, and you’re constantly moving around. It was so great seeing you again. I was so happy when the doctor did an ultrasound on you when I asked him to. Seems like you enjoy staying in the same position, head down and bottom and legs on the right side. I get really strong...

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Week 30 Ultrasound

Oct 13, 11 Week 30 Ultrasound

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[Ultrasound at Week 30, Day 4. It’s hard to make out, but that’s her face and you can see two little hands.] Hello darling! Last Tuesday was a fun day for Mommy and Daddy, and the highlight was definitely being able to see you again! I had my check-up appointment with another doctor — my regular doctor went on...

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Goodnight iPad

Oct 10, 11 Goodnight iPad

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Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd will be the book I’ll read to my future daughter. 😉 A witty parody picture book for the gadget-crazy kid in all of us. GOODNIGHT iPAD is a gentle reminder to power down at the end of the day. It will make you laugh, and it will also help you wrest yourself away from your gadgets and put yourself...

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Week 30 – Wow, just 10 more weeks before we meet you!

Oct 07, 11 Week 30 – Wow, just 10 more weeks before we meet you!

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Welcome to Week 30 my dear! Wow, I can’t believe it’ll be just another 10 more weeks before we get to meet you! And with the way these weeks have been flying by, it’ll be very soon! I haven’t been sleeping much lately due to some contract jobs I needed to finish up. And you’re always there to keep me...

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Week 29 – Tummy Photos

Oct 01, 11 Week 29 – Tummy Photos

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It’s so nice to reach the 7 month mark with you honey! From now on, you’re just going to grow bigger and stronger! Daddy and I feel really lucky and blessed to be this far along. Just a few more weeks and we’ll see you in December...

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