Hello 3rd Trimester!

I’ve been having a really tough time this week. I know, hello third trimester right? All these little discomforts seem to be hitting me all at once. Getting in and out of bed is getting hard. I have to cling onto my lamp to pull myself up. And the baby is getting bigger so she it’s getting hard for her to move around. Her little legs are moving all around and finding new areas to kick and stretch. Good for her, but uncomfortable for me. lol I can’t seem to stand for longer than a minute before getting really exhausted either. I’m usually tired, but it’s hard to sleep since I can’t usually find a comfortable position to be in, or I have trouble breathing because the baby wants to stretch. I’ve been making up my own breathing technique just to deal with the pain. And then there are the random leg cramps that creep in. Those are the worse! Other than that, I’m doing alright. Definitely hanging in there!

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