Pregnancy Discomforts

The discomforts of pregnancy are heavily kicking in this week, which explains the lack of updates and such. Last Saturday, I was extremely tired and exhausted, but after napping in the evening, I felt much better. Baby’s really active and kicking a lot, which makes me feel tired for some reason. On Sunday, I was rudely awaken by a horrible leg cramp on my right leg. I’ve had them before and usually pointing my toes up and massaging the leg helps, but it didn’t do much this time. I couldn’t even feel my feet to point them in the right direction. Ouch. And for the rest of the week, it’s been really hard to breathe when the baby stretches. She’s really high on my stomach, so my lungs and ribs are being poked left and right. I’ve been trying to rest more and taking it easy to help cope with the pains. This is just the last stretch! Only a few more weeks to go.

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