Re-living Thursday

I keep replaying Thursday in my head over and over again, trying to remember all the advice and well-wishes I received at the baby shower. It was just so nice to see everyone and I don’t want to forget all the kind words they left for me. With my pregnant and forgetful memory these days, it’s no wonder I jot everything down in a blog post. :)

It’s another late night and I’m not sleeping yet. I’m playing Mozart and getting sleepy, but I’m staying up late only because I love feeling my daughter’s feet pressed against my hand. She’s so active at night. Sometimes it feels like she’s running a marathon in there, but not going anywhere far. lol When she’s really moving around, my stomach does this wave-like movement. It’s just very interesting! It’s kinda weird and cool to know there’s a little person in there. Seven more weeks to go baby, and we all get to meet you!

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