Week 32 – Tummy Photo & Doctor Visit

Oct 24, 11 Week 32

Hey Baby! You’re at Week 32 and 3 Days today, and boy are you super active this week. I mean, you’re constantly moving, kicking, and punching! Daddy and I went to the doctor today for your check up and you were moving the whole time.

So I finally passed the glucose test last Friday, and I’m almost done with the progesterone injections (just a few more weeks of those shots — thank goodness, because they’re starting to hurt!) And at Week 36, my doctor will take the stitches out and we’ll be ready for you any time after that! Let’s make it to December though yea? With the way you’re kicking, you seem to want out now. lol

The doctor listened to your heartbeat and said you’re one healthy and active baby. You were kicking and moving during the whole visit! lol Well, he said that’s always a great sign, so Daddy and I are happy.

And your legs and arms are getting so much stronger that it sometimes hurts. Maybe tone down on the punches and kicks just a bit, for Mommy’s sake? :)

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