First Glamour Photoshoot

Nov 28, 11 First Glamour Photoshoot

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Well your Daddy took many photos of you from pregnancy, to delivery, to the first days of your life.. now it’s Mommy’s turn to take some glamour shots of you sweetheart! We like to tagteam.. and we can’t wait for you to be our little assistent! Many thanks to Carla Arbagey for the Hello Kitty quilt and Tamara Guziejka for the...

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My Birth Story of Little Miss Katie

Nov 16, 11 My Birth Story of Little Miss Katie

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So what can I say? The birth of my daughter happened so quickly, I didn’t even have time to blink! It must have all started Tuesday night. I couldn’t sleep all night and found myself waking up every few hours from some pains — Braxton Hicks contractions, so I thought. I’ve been telling my doctor and nurses...

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Week 35 – Tummy Photos

Nov 11, 11 Week 35 – Tummy Photos

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Hey Baby! Happy Week 35! Today, there’s a change of scenery since we’re at your Uncle Aaron & Auntie Christine’s wedding! The Aquarium of the Pacific is amazing. I can’t wait to take you here one day.

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Week 35 – It’s been a Tough Week

Nov 11, 11 Week 35 – It’s been a Tough Week

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Happy 11.11.11 Day! It’s also your Week 35 and it’s been an amazing journey we’re having together baby! Although, I have to admit, the past week has been one of the toughest so far. Early Monday morning I was having painful sensations every few minutes near my lower abdomen for about half an hour or so. It was...

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Clicking Sound when Baby Kicks

Nov 11, 11 Clicking Sound when Baby Kicks

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Lately, I’ve been hearing this clicking sound once in a while when the baby punches or kicks. At first, I thought it was me, but I swear it was coming from my tummy area. I’m not really worried because she’s constantly moving around, but I do want to know what the sound it. Maybe it’s a just one of those...

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Stroller and Car Seat Purchased!

Nov 06, 11 Stroller and Car Seat Purchased!

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Tired and exhausted from the baby shower, we knew we had to still get a few more things before the baby arrives. So we waited until the rain stopped and headed out to Babies R Us and Target. There’s this one guy worker at Babies R Us who’s quite helpful and knowledgeable so we were looking for him to help us pick out a...

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Baby Shower with Friends and Family

Nov 05, 11 Baby Shower with Friends and Family

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I’ve been nervous and anxious about our Baby Shower with friends and family all week. Daddy and I just didn’t feel the house was ready to accomodate a lot of people yet. Daddy was fixing all sorts of things around the house and moving furniture. He even stayed home Friday to help prep. And your aunts and uncles were here...

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Week 34 – Tummy

Nov 05, 11 Week 34 – Tummy

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Happy Week 34 baby! I’m so happy and proud of you. We made it to another milestone together! The next one will be in two weeks, so just hang on ok honey?

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Week 34 – My Little Honeydew

Nov 04, 11 Week 34 – My Little Honeydew

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Hello my little Honeydew! Welcome to Week 34! I’m so proud of you. We hit another milestone together. It also means just another 5-6 weeks before we meet you! Definitely an exciting and scary thought for me. I still have so much to do before you arrive, but no energy to do it. Fatigue has finally set in again. It takes me a...

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Dr. Visit at Month 8

Hello darling! We just came back from our first doctor visit in Month 8. We finally got to see our regular doctor again. He’s quite happy with our progress so far. We’re getting very close to another milestone! I’m so proud of you! You were happily kicking during the doctor visit too. 😉 Next week is my last...

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