Baby Shower with Friends and Family

Nov 05, 11 Baby Shower Hello Kitty Photobooth

I’ve been nervous and anxious about our Baby Shower with friends and family all week. Daddy and I just didn’t feel the house was ready to accomodate a lot of people yet. Daddy was fixing all sorts of things around the house and moving furniture. He even stayed home Friday to help prep. And your aunts and uncles were here all week, helping me sort and put away things as well.

But the moment our first guests came, I felt a lot more relaxed. Little Gwyn just ran into my arms and everything was alright.

The baby shower was so much fun. A bit tiring for me, but it was so nice seeing and catching up with everyone! I’ve been isolated for months, so you can just imagine how it felt.

Big thanks to Lena for organizing the baby shower, Lana and Cuong for cooking and the cookies, Qi for the assorted drinks, and SW for the decorations! And of course, thank your daddy for staying up until 4am to set up the photobooth. That was so much fun!

Thanks so much to everyone’s generosity, and kindness. Our little girl has plenty of necessities, toys, outfits, and mostly love to make her little heart happy!

Here are some pictures from the party. More to come!

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