Stroller and Car Seat Purchased!

Nov 06, 11 Albert - Stroller

Tired and exhausted from the baby shower, we knew we had to still get a few more things before the baby arrives. So we waited until the rain stopped and headed out to Babies R Us and Target.

There’s this one guy worker at Babies R Us who’s quite helpful and knowledgeable so we were looking for him to help us pick out a travel system. And sure enough, he helped us weigh the pros and cons and decided on the perfect set for us.

We ended up purchasing the Graco Stylus Travel System Stroller – Chadwick. It’s light and should last about a year to a year and half. It was at an incredible price too, so we couldn’t pass it up. We were also looking at the Quattro series, which was a tad be more, but the only extra feature it had over the Stylus was being able to seat the child in the stroller, looking at you or outward. We didn’t think that feature was necessary for an older infant. The Chadwick pattern is only available at Babies R Us, but it also comes in a Posie (Pink flowers) pattern as well. I really much prefer the unisex colors when it comes to gear. heh One thing to look for in a car seat is front-adjustable straps. The Spree series is the only Graco brand that has the straps in the back, so you might want to cross that off your list.

And we couldn’t resist. While at the stores, we had to pick up a few more newborn things for her. :)

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