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Dec 09, 11 babymorita-22days

My husband and I did a newborn photoshoot today with our little one. It was fun, but difficult at the same time. Our baby girl moves around a lot, so for some shots we just got lucky! The one above is my absolute favorite from the photo session! She looks so peaceful and innocent.. lol

Our baby girl really keeps us on our toes to practice our photography craft! If you’re interested in how to do these shots, here are some tips.

  • The baby loves to be held, so drape your backdrop around Mommy and hold the baby underneath.
  • Use simple colors. The baby should be the main star.
  • Make sure the baby is changed and fed. You’ll get more innocent and peaceful shots that way!

Here’s one of the setups we had.

However, the one that worked best (first photo above) is just holding the baby and wrapping the backdrop around the baby. It makes her look like she’s sleeping on a cloud! The backdrop that we used is just a nice fuzzy fabric we purchased at Joann’s. And I’m so glad I spent a lot of time looking at newborn photo ideas on Pinterest! Looks like I may need more props.. 😉

Our baby girl is now 3 weeks old, and she keeps us guessing on what she needs every week. Week 1 was just us freaking out on what we need to do.. and when do we sleep? Week 2 got easier since we figured out her routine. And Week 3, she’s keeping us guessing with her cries. Overall, we’re both very tired, but ever so happy!

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  1. Beautiful, and what a great idea with the draping!

    I still can’t believe you’re a mommy!! :)

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