Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Dec 16, 11 one-month-bday

Dearest Baby Katie,

Happy One Month Birthday sweetheart! I can’t believe it’s been a month already! I still think of the first day you came into my life. And even before then, those 9 months of always caring, thinking, and worrying about you.

It’s been quite a journey that we had together so far, and although Daddy and I have so much to learn, we couldn’t be any happier! You’ve taught us to be more patient, more loving, and work together to get through the tough times and celebrate the joyous ones.

We look forward to celebrating all of our milestones together. Daddy and I love you so much darling!


ps. You love the hat Uncle Todd & Auntie Gina gave you. :)

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  1. That was so sweet Dana! You have a very lucky daughter to have such wonderful parents. Can you adopt me? haha :)

  2. She’s so cute Daynah, and I think she looks like you :)

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