Japanese New Year’s Festival

Jan 29, 12 Japanese New Year’s Festival

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I’ve been excited about the Japanese New Year’s Festival all week. My mother-in-law invited us, and we all went, along with my younger sister and brother. It was a fun family day! There were so many amazing foods and games for the little ones. And it was a great practice run, taking the baby out. Apparently, she enjoyed...

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Jan 27, 12 iBaby

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We think she may like gadgets and new technologies more than us. lol Related Products:

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10 Weeks Old: Growing up so fast!

Jan 25, 12 10 Weeks Old: Growing up so fast!

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Today is her 10 Week Old birthday and she’s getting so big. Talk about growing up before your eyes. She’s more than double her birth weight! Katie has been enjoying her baths now that we just wash her in the sink. I think she likes the warm running water on her body! Here she is after her bath. And since it’s New...

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Happy Year of the Dragon!

Jan 23, 12 Happy Year of the Dragon!

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Katie just wanted to say, Happy New Year and Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Welcome Year of the Dragon! And here she is with her first red envelope.

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Costco Shopping

Jan 22, 12 Costco Shopping

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Here’s Katie’s first trip to Costco with Mommy and Daddy! Can’t wait for her to grow up so we can all have Costco samples for lunch. LOL

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Laughing in Her Sleep

Katie has been randomly laughing in her sleep since an early age! And every time she does, it just makes us laugh. The hard part catching it on video! Luckily, I had a feeling she’d start laughing in her sleep so I pulled out my phone and got ready to record. Sure enough, I caught her toothless smile and laughter on video. ...

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Working Momma

Jan 12, 12 Working Momma

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Is it ok that I declare today as “Take your daughter to Work Day?” Dropping by work for a bit and bringing the baby. It’s my first day back.. and there’s plenty to do! I’m carrying her for the first time out in the Ergobaby carrier! I love it. Thanks so much for the gift Auntie Dee & Tammy (for...

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Baby Language: 5 Important Words that Babies Use

Jan 10, 12 Baby Language: 5 Important Words that Babies Use

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My friend, Min Xuan sent me this link a few days ago and I absolutely love it! I always knew babies cried for a reason but figuring out the reason was hard. For my baby.. I had a short checklist of reasons — hungry, diaper, burp, and poop. She rarely cries when she’s sleepy, so that wasn’t on my list. She’s...

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The Ostrich Walk

Jan 05, 12 The Ostrich Walk

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It’s been a joy getting to know Katie and her little quirks. She’s 7 weeks now, and as always, is keeping us guessing all the time. It’s not the usual hungry, diaper, or tired cries anymore. She now wants playtime since she’s awake more hours during the day now. And as you can see in the picture above,...

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Made With Love

My legs and feet were really swollen, so I took my ring off in case my fingers and hands were heading in the same direction when I went into labor. That was about 2 months ago. I finally remembered about my ring last night and put it back on. But before I did, I had an idea for a photo pose. I was tickling the baby’s feet...

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